Man pages for enviPat
Isotope Pattern, Profile and Centroid Calculation for Mass Spectrometry

adductsAdduct list
check_chemformCheck chemical formulas
check_dedCheck if a chemical formula is subset in another one
check_severalCheck for overlapping molecules.
chemformsSet of exemplary chemical formulas for small molecules.
envelopeIsotope pattern envelope calculation
enviPat-packageCalculation of isotope patterns, stick profiles (envelopes)...
getRInterpolation of MS measurement resolution
isopatternIsotope pattern calculation
isotopesStable isotopes
isowrapCombined (batch) calculation of isotope pattern, envelope and...
mergeformCombine chemical formulas
multiformMultiply a chemical formula
resolution_listResolutions (R) list for Themo Orbitrap and QExactive mass...
subformSubtract one chemical formula from another
vdetectValley detection and centroidization
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