Man pages for epanet2toolkit
Call 'EPANET' Functions to Simulate Pipe Networks

ENcloseClose down the EPANET Toolkit system.
ENcloseHclose hydraulics engine
ENcloseQClose water quality analysis and free allocated memory
ENgetcoordGet coordinates for a node
ENgetcountGet number of network elements.
ENgetflowunitsRetrieve a code number indicating the units used to express...
ENgetlinkidRetrieve the ID label of a link
ENgetlinkindexRetrieve the index of a link
ENgetlinknodesRetrieve the index of the end nodes of a link
ENgetlinktypeRetrieve the type code for a link
ENgetlinkvalueRetrieve parameter value for a link
ENgetnodeidRetrieve the ID label a node.
ENgetnodeindexRetrieve the index of a node
ENgetnodetypeRetrieve the node-type code
ENgetnodevalueRetrieve node parameter value.
ENgetoptionRetrieve the value of an analysis option.
ENgetpatternidRetrieve the ID label a time pattern
ENgetpatternindexRetrieve the index a time pattern.
ENgetpatternlenRetrieve the number of time periods in a time pattern.
ENgetpatternvalueRetrieve the multiplier factor for a specific time period
ENgetqualinfoGet quality analysis information
ENgetqualtypeRetrieve the type of water quality analysis called for.
ENgettimeparamGet the value of one or more specific analysis time...
ENgetversionRetrieve the current version number of the EPANET Toolkit.
ENinitHInitialize hydraulic engine
ENinitQInitialize water quality analysis
ENnextHdetermine the next hydraulic step
ENnextQAdvances WQ simulation to start of the next hydraulic time...
ENopenOpen the EPANET Toolkit.
ENopenHOpen hydraulics analysis system.
ENopenQSets up for Water Quality analysis
ENreportWrite simulation report to the report file
ENrunHrun hydraulics engine
ENrunQComputs WQ results at current time .
ENsaveHENsaveH Saves hydraulic results to binary file
ENsaveinpfileENaveinpfile Saves current data to "INP" formatted text file.
ENsetcontrolSet the parameters of a simple control statement
ENsetcoordSet coordinates for a node
ENsetlinkvalueSet a parameter value for a link
ENsetnodevalueSet the parameter value for a node.
ENsetoptionSet the value of a particular analysis option.
ENsetpatternSet all of the multiplier factors for a specific time...
ENsetpatternvalueset pattern value
ENsetqualtypeSet the type of water quality analysis called for.
ENsettimeparamSet the value of a time parameter.
ENsolveQSolve network water quality for all time periods
ENstepQAdvances WQ simulation one water quality time step.
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