epanetReader: Read Epanet Files into R

Reads water network simulation data in Epanet's text-based '.inp' and '.rpt' formats into R. Also reads results from Epanet-msx. Provides basic summary information and plots. The README file has a quick introduction. See http://www2.epa.gov/ water-research/epanet for more information on the Epanet software for modeling hydraulic and water quality behavior of water piping systems.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorBradley J. Eck
Date of publication2016-08-10 21:15:42
MaintainerBradley Eck <brad@bradeck.net>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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binBreaker Man page
epanetDefaultOptions Man page
epanet.inp Man page
epanetmsx.rpt Man page
epanetReader Man page
epanetReader-package Man page
expandedLinkTable Man page
Net1 Man page
Net1rpt Man page
plotElementsLegend Man page
plot.epanet.inp Man page
plot.epanetmsx.rpt Man page
plot.epanet.rpt Man page
plot.expandedLinkTable Man page
plotInpLinks Man page
plotInpNodes Man page
plot.sparkline Man page
plot.sparklineTable Man page
plotSparklineTable Man page
print.summary.epanetmsx.rpt Man page
print.summary.epanet.rpt Man page
read.inp Man page
read_lines_wrapper Man page
read.msxrpt Man page
read.rpt Man page
sparkline Man page
sparklineTable Man page
summary.epanet.inp Man page
summary.epanetmsx.rpt Man page
summary.epanet.rpt Man page
write.inp Man page

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