Man pages for epicontacts
Handling, Visualisation and Analysis of Epidemiological Contacts

as.igraph.epicontactsCreate igraph object from contact data
codeawesomeReference codes for fontawesome
colorsColor tools and palettes for epicontacts
get_clustersAssign cluster IDs to epicontacts data
get_degreeFind node degree for epicontacts objects
get_idAccess unique identifiers in epicontacts objects
get_pairwiseCharacterise contacts by comparing case attributes
graph3DInteractive 3D Force-directed graph from epicontacts object
make_epicontactsRead linelist and contact data
plot.epicontactsPlot epicontacts objects
print.epicontactsPrint method for epicontacts objects
print.summary_epicontactsPrint method for summary_epicontacts objects
sub-.epicontactsSubset epicontacts objects based on case identifiers
subset_clusters_by_idSubset epicontacts by case-specified clusters
subset_clusters_by_sizeSubset clusters from epicontacts object by cluster size
subset.epicontactsSubset an epicontact object by factors
summary.epicontactsSummary method for epicontacts objects
thinThin data to retain matching linelist / contacts
vis_epicontactsPlot epicontacts objects using visNetwork
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