Man pages for epiflows
Predicting Disease Spread from Flow Data

add_coordinatesAdd/Retrieve location coordinates
as.SpatialLinesDataFrameConvert to SpatialLinesDataFrame class
estimate_risk_spreadTravel-related disease cases spreaded to other locations from...
get_flowsAccess flow data
get_idAccess population identifiers in epiflows objects
get_locationsAccess flow data
get_nget the number of cases per flow
get_pop_sizeGet population size for each entry in locations
get_varsAccess location metadata
global_varsEpiflow Global Variables
grid_epiflowsVisualise epidemic flows using a grid
make_epiflowsCreate an epiflows object
map_epiflowsMap flows of people between locations
plot.epiflowsVarious plots for epiflows objects
print.epiflowsPrint method from epiflows objects
sub-.epiflowsSubset 'epiflows' objects
vis_epiflowsVisualise epidemic flows using visNetwork
YF_BrazilYellow Fever Data from Brazil; 2016-12 to 2017-05
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