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Functions and Data for "Epidemics: Models and Data in R"

BarabasiAlbertFunction to generate a Barabasi-Albert network
blackBlack's measles seroprevalence data.
burnettBurnett's Parasitoid-Host data.
ccsUK measles CCS data.
chainSIRGradient-function for the chain-SIR model
choleraDacca cholera death data.
coyneGradient-function for Coyne et al's rabies model
dalzielMeasles incidence across 40 US cities
ebolaSierra-Leone Ebola 2015 data.
ferrariFerrari et al. 2005 outbreak data.
filipendulaFilipendula rust data.
fivFIV infection in cats.
fluBoarding school influenza data.
gillespieGillespie exact algorithm
gmDefoliated by gypsy moth each in northeast US 1975-2002.
gonnetDe et al. 2004 gonorrhea contact matrix
graEuthamia graminifolia rust data.
IcelandfluMonthly incidence of influenza-like illness in Iceland...
integrandpcAuxillary function used by llik.pc
litterBordetella bronchiseptica in rabbit kittens.
llik.cbNegative log-likelihood function for the chain-binomial model
llik.pcFunction to estimate parameters for the picewise-constant...
magonoMassachusetts gonorrhea data.
May.appLaunch a shiny-app simulating May's Parasitoid-host Model...
measBi-weekly measles incidence in London from 1944-65.
mossongPOLYMOD contact-rate data by Age.
NBThe Nicholson-Bailey model
NetworkSIRFunction to simulate an epidemic on a network
niameyWeekly measles incidence from 2003-04 in Niamey, Niger.
niamey_dailyDay of appearance of each measles case from 2003-04 outbreak...
orv.appLaunch a shiny-app to study outbreak-response vaccination...
pagiardWeekly incidence of giardia in Pennsylvania between 2006 and...
pailiWeekly deaths from Influenza-like illness in Pennsylvania...
palymesWeekly incidence of Lymes disease in Pennsylvania between...
pameasleWeekly incidence of measles in Pennsylvania between 1928 and...
pertcopWeekly whooping cough incidence from 1900-1937 in Copenhagen,...
peruRubella in Peru data.
plot.cmFunction to plot an object of class CM
plot.netSIRFunction to plot a netSIR object
r0funFunction to calculate R0 from a contact matrix
rabbitRabbit _Bordetella brochiseptica_ data.
rabiesRaccoon rabies data.
retrospecFunction to predict efficacy of outbreak-response vaccination...
ringlatticeFunction to generate a ring lattice
SEIR.appLaunch a shiny-app simulating the seasonal SEIR model
seirmodGradient-function for the SEIR model
seirmod2Gradient-function for the forced SEIR model
SEIRS.appLaunch a shiny-app simulating the SEIRS model
SH9Daily measures of malaria infected mice.
silene2Antler smut on wild campion.
sim.cbFunction to simulate the chain-binomial model
SimTsirFunction to simulate the stochastic TSIR
SimTsir2Function to simulate the seasonally-forced TSIR
siragemodGradient-function for the age-structured SIR model with...
SIR.appLaunch a shiny-app simulating the SIR model
sirmodGradient-function for the SIR model
sirwmodGradient-function for the SIRWS model
sivmodGradient-function for the SIR model with outbreak-response...
summary.cmFunction to calculate the degree distribution for an object...
summary.netSIRFunction to summarize a netSIR object
tauGillespie tau-leap algorithm
TSIR.appLaunch a shiny-app simulating TSIR model
TSIRllyapFunction to calculate the local Lyapunov exponents for the...
TSIRlyapFunction to do Lyapunov exponent calculations from a TSIR...
tydiphtheriaWeekly incidence of diphtheria in Philadelphia between 1914...
tymeaslesWeekly incidence of measles in Philadelphia between 1914 and...
tyscarletWeekly incidence of scarlet fever in Philadelphia between...
tywhoopingWeekly incidence of whooping cough in Philadelphia between...
usfluUS 1975/76 ILI data.
WattsStrogatzFunction to generate a Watts-Strogats network
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