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Analysis of Plant Disease Epidemics

a2aEasily switch between different power law formulations.
agg_indexSeveral aggregation indices.
aphidsCounts of aphids.
arthropodsCounts of arthropods. to a data frame.
BetaBinomialThe beta-binomial distribution.
calpha.testC(alpha) test.
chisq.testChi-squared test.
citrus_ctvIncidence of citrus tristeza virus (CTV) disease in three...
clumpRegroup observational data into even clumps of individuals.
codling_mothsCount of codling moth larvae.
coef.smleExtract Model Coefficients
dogwood_anthracnoseIncidence of dogwood anthracnose.
epiphy'epiphy': An R package to analyze plant disease epidemics.
fit_two_distrMaximum likelihood fitting of two distributions and...
hop_virusesIncidence of three viruses in an Australian hop garden.
indAndSubRetrieve vector or array indices
intensityConstruct count, incidence and severity objects.
is.intensityTest if an object is of class 'intensity' or one of its...
linkSome link functions.
logLik.smleExtract log-likelihood
mapcompMap Comparison procedure.
mapped_varExisting variable mappings.
mappingConstruct data mappings.
offspring_survivalOffspring survival of rats experiencing different diets.
onion_bacterial_blightIncidence of bacterial blight of onion.
power_lawTaylor's and binary power laws.
pyrethrum_ray_blightIncidence of ray blight disease of pyrethrum.
sadieSpatial Analysis by Distance IndicEs (SADIE).
simulated_epidemicsExamples of simulated epidemic data.
smleSimple maximum likelihood estimation
smle_wrappersWrappers using maximum likelihood estimation for some...
spatial_hierSpatial hierarchy analysis.
split.intensityDivide into groups and reassemble.
thresholdTo go to higher level in the hierarchy.
tobacco_virusesIncidence of tobacco plants infected with viruses.
tomato_tswvIncidence of tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) disease in...
vcov.smleCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Model...
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