Man pages for episcan
Scan Pairwise Epistasis

checkchunksizeCheck chunk size
epiblaster1genoParallelized calculation of the difference of correlation...
epiblaster2genosParallelized calculattion of the difference of correlation...
epiHSICCalculate HSIC values
epiHSIC1genoCalculate epistasis using HSIC with one genotype input
epiHSIC2genosCalculate epistasis using HSIC with two genotype inputs
episcanScan pairwise epistasis
getcorGet correlation matrix
ithChunkindex set for idx-th chunk of size chunk for n elements
WriteSnpPairsWrite out epistasis result (normal matrix)
WriteSnpPairs_symWrite out epistasis result (symmetric matrix)
ZtoPConvert Z-score to correponding p-value
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