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Estimation with Penalisation in Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations

aimAdaptive Integral Matching (AIM)
episodeEstimation with Penalisation In Systems of Ordinary...
fieldField of Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) systems.
imdIntegral Matching Design
makCreate 'mak' (Mass Action Kinetics) object
numintNumerical integration of powers and fractions of powers via...
numsolveNumerical solver for Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE)...
odeAbstract 'ode' object
optCreate 'opt' (optimisation) object
plkCreate 'plk' (Power Law Kinetics) object
print.makPrint 'mak' object
print.odePrint 'ode' object
print.plkPrint 'plk' object
print.ratmakPrint 'ratmak' object
print.regPrint 'reg' object
print.rlkPrint 'rlk' object
print.solverPrint 'solver' object
ratmakCreate 'ratmak' (Rational Mass Action Kinetics) object
regCreate 'reg' (regularisation) object
rlkCreate 'rlk' (Rational Law Kinetics) object
rodeoRegularised Ordinary Differential Equation Optimisation...
rodeo.aimRegularised Ordinary Differential Equation Optimisation...
rodeo.odeRegularised Ordinary Differential Equation Optimisation...
solverCreate 'solver' object
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