Man pages for eplusr
A Toolkit for Using Whole Building Simulation Program 'EnergyPlus'

add_idf_objectAdd new objects
as.character.IddObjectCoerce an IddObject into a Character Vector
as.character.IdfCoerce an Idf object into a Character Vector
as.character.IdfObjectCoerce an IdfObject into a Character Vector
assertionCheck for Idd, Idf and Epw objects
assign_idf_value_defaultAssign default field values
clean_wdClean working directory of a previous EnergyPlus simulation
custom_validateCustomize validation components
del_idf_objectDelete existing objects
download_weatherDownload EnergyPlus Weather File (EPW) and Design Day File...
dt_to_loadFormat Long Table to Standard Input for 'Idf$load()' Method
dup_idf_objectDuplicate existing objects
duplicated_idf_objectDetermine duplicate objects
empty_idfCreate an Empty Idf
EplusGroupJobCreate and Run Parametric Analysis, and Collect Results
EplusJobRun EnergyPlus Simulation and Collect Outputs
eplusr-deprecatedDeprecated functions since eplusr v0.15.0
eplusr_optionGet and Set eplusr options
eplusr-packageeplusr: A Toolkit for Using EnergyPlus in R
eplus_sqlRead an Energy SQLite Output File
EplusSqlRetrieve Simulation Outputs Using EnergyPlus SQLite Output...
EpwRead, and modify an EnergyPlus Weather File (EPW)
expand_idf_dots_literalParse object values given in literal character vectors or...
expand_idf_dots_nameParse object ID or name specifications given in list format
expand_idf_dots_objectParse object values given in a list of Idf or IdfObject...
expand_idf_dots_valueParse object field values given in list format
expand_idf_regexParse regular expression of object field values
format.IddFormat an Idd
format.IddObjectFormat an IddObject
format.IdfFormat an Idf Object
format.IdfObjectFormat an IdfObject
get_envGet the enclosed environment of an R6 object
get_idd_classGet class data
get_idd_fieldGet field data
get_idd_relationGet field relation data
get_idf_node_relationExtract node relations
get_idf_objectGet object data
get_idf_relationExtract object and value reference relations
get_idf_tableExtract value data in a data.table
get_idf_valueGet value data
get_object_infoFormat object information string
IddParse, Query and Modify EnergyPlus Input Data Dictionary...
idd_objectCreate an 'IddObject' object.
IddObjectEnergyPlus IDD object
IdfRead, Modify, and Run an EnergyPlus Model
IdfGeometryModify and Visualize an EnergyPlus Model Geometry
idf_objectCreate an 'IdfObject' object.
IdfObjectCreate and Modify an EnergyPlus Object
IdfScheduleCreate an 'IdfScheduleCompact' object.
IdfViewerVisualize an EnergyPlus Model Geometry and Simulation Results
init_idf_objectInitialize object data
init_idf_valueInitialize value data
install_eplusDownload and Install EnergyPlus
level_checksShow components of validation strictness level
make_idf_object_nameInitialize object data
ParametricJobCreate and Run Parametric Analysis, and Collect Results
parse_dots_valueParse object field values given in list format
print.ErrFilePrint EnergyPlus Error File
purge_idf_objectPurge not-used resource objects
rddRead an EnergyPlus Report Data Dictionary File
rdd_to_loadFormat RddFile Object to Standard Input for 'Idf$load()'...
read_epwRead and Parse EnergyPlus Weather File (EPW)
read_errRead an EnergyPlus Simulation Error File
read_idfRead an EnergyPlus Input Data File (IDF)
read_idfeditor_copyParse objects from IDF Editor
reloadReload Idf data
remove_duplicated_objectsRemove duplicated objects in inputs
remove_empty_fieldsRemove trailing empty object fields
rename_idf_objectRename existing objects
run_modelRun simulations of EnergyPlus models.
set_idf_objectModifying existing objects
standardize_idf_valueStandardize Value Data
transitionPerform version transition of EnergyPlus model
unique_idf_objectRemove duplicate objects
use_eplusConfigure which version of EnergyPlus to use
use_iddUse a specific EnergyPlus Input Data Dictionary (IDD) file
validate_objectsValidate input IDF data in terms of various aspects
version_updaterRun IDFVersionUpdater to Update Model Versions
with_optionEvaluate an expression with temporary eplusr options
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