epoc: EPoC (Endogenous Perturbation analysis of Cancer)

Estimates sparse matrices A or G using fast lasso regression from mRNA transcript levels Y and CNA profiles U. Two models are provided, EPoC A where AY + U + R = 0 and EPoC G where Y = GU + E, the matrices R and E are so far treated as noise. For details see the reference and the manual page of `lassoshooting'.

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AuthorRebecka Jornsten, Tobias Abenius, Sven Nelander
Date of publication2013-08-26 17:51:58
MaintainerTobias Abenius <Tobias.Abenius@Chalmers.se>

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as.graph.EPOCA Man page
as.graph.EPOCG Man page
coef.EPOCA Man page
coef.EPOCG Man page
epoc Man page
epocA Man page
epoc.bootplot Man page
epoc.bootstrap Man page
epoc.final Man page
epocG Man page
epoc.lambdamax Man page
epoc.survival Man page
epoc.svd Man page
epoc.svdplot Man page
epoc.validation Man page
modelselPlot Man page
plapply Man page
plot.bootsize Man page
plot.EPOCA Man page
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plot.EPoC.survival Man page
plot.EPoC.validation Man page
plot.EPoC.validation.pred Man page
plot.EPoC.validation.W Man page
predict.EPOCA Man page
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print.EPOCA Man page
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print.summary.EPoC.survival Man page
summary.EPOCA Man page
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synth Man page
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