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Clinical Coding of Patients with Kidney Disease

aki_bCrAKI Staging based on Baseline Serum Creatinine
aki_pt_dataAKI Patient Data
aki_SCrAKI Staging based on Changes in Serum Creatinine
aki_stagesAKI Stages
aki_stagingCodify AKI from Serum Creatinine and/or Urine Output
aki_UOAKI Staging based on Urine Output
Albuminuria_stagesAlbuminuria Stages
Albuminuria_staging_ACRAlbuminuria Staging based on ACR
Albuminuria_staging_AERAlbuminuria Staging based on AER
anemiaDiagnosis of anemia from Hb concentration
anemia_pt_dataAnemia Patient Data
as_metricConvert a measured value to metric units
binary2factorConvert binary data to factors based on column name
clinical_obvsClinical Patient Data
combine_date_time_colsCombine date and time columns into a single DateTime column
combn_changesCombinatorics changes
conversion_factorsConversion Factors
dob2ageCalculate age from DOB
eGFRGFR Estimation
eGFR_adult_SCreGFR 2009 CKD-EPI creatinine equation
eGFR_adult_SCr_SCysCeGFR 2012 CKD-EPI creatinine-cystatin C equation
eGFR_adult_SCysCeGFR 2012 CKD-EPI cystatin C equation
eGFR_child_SCreGFR Pediatric SCr and Height
eGFR_child_SCr_BUNeGFR Pediatric SCr, Height and BUN
eGFR_child_SCysCeGFR Pediatric SCysC
eGFR_pt_dataeGFR Patient Data
GFR_stagesGFR Stages
GFR_stagingGFR Staging
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
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