Man pages for equSA
Estimate Directed and Undirected Graphical Models and Construct Networks

combineRCombine two networks.
Cont2GausA transfomation from count data into Gaussian data
ContSimA simulation method for generating count data from...
ContTranA data continuized transformation
countAn example of count dataset for constructing networks
DAGsimSimulate a directed acyclic graph with mixed data (continuous...
diffRDetect difference between two networks.
equSA-packageGraphical model has been widely used in may scientific fileds...
equSARAn equvalent mearsure of partial correlation coeffients
JGGMJoint estimation of Multiple Gaussian Graphical Models
mixed3000One example dataset for p_learning
pcorselRMultiple hypothesis test
p_learningConstruct Bayesian Network based on p-learning algorithm.
plotGraphPlot Single Network
plotJGraphPlot Networks
psicalAn calculation of psi scores.
simtoequivTransform a directed acyclic graph into an equivalent correct...
solcovCalculate covariance matrix and precision matrix
SR0One example dataset for equSA
SR0_matThe adjacency matrix for SR0 dataset.
TR0One example dataset for equSA
TR0_matThe adjacency matrix for TR0 dataset.
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