Man pages for equate
Observed-Score Linking and Equating

ACTmathACT Mathematics Test Scores
bootstrapBootstrap Equating Error
compositeComposite Linking and Equating
equateObserved Score Linking and Equating
equate-packageObserved-Score Linking and Equating
freqtabFrequency Distribution Tables
KBneatTest Scores under a NEAT design
PISAProgramme for International Student Assessment 2009 USA Data
plot.bootstrapPlotting Bootstrap Equating Results
plot.equatePlotting Equating Results
plot.freqtabPlotting Frequency Distributions
presmoothingFrequency Distribution Presmoothing
pxPercentile Ranks and Cumulative Frequencies
sample.freqtabBootstrap Random Sampling from Frequency Tables
summary.freqtabDescriptive Statistics for Frequency Tables
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