Man pages for equateIRT
IRT Equating Methods

alldirecDirect Equating Coefficients Between All Pairs of a List of...
bisectorecBisector Equating Coefficients
chainecChain Equating Coefficients
convertItem Parameters Conversion
data2plSimulated Data Sets
dataDIFSimulated Data Set with DIF
dif.testDIF Test
direcDirect Equating Coefficients
eqcExtract Equating Coefficients
equateIRT-internalInternal Functions of Package equateIRT
equateIRT-packageIRT Equating Methods
est2plItem Parameter Estimates and Covariance Matrices of a...
est3plItem Parameter Estimates and Covariance Matrices of a...
estraschItem Parameter Estimates and Covariance Matrices of a Rasch...
import.ltmImport Item Parameters Estimates and Covariance Matrices from...
itmExtract Item Parameters
linkpLinkage Plan
modIRTEstimated Coefficients and Covariance Matrix of IRT Models
summary.ceqcSummarizing Estimated Chain Equating Coefficients
summary.ceqclistSummarizing a List of Estimated Chain Equating Coefficients
summary.eqcSummarizing Estimated Equating Coefficients
summary.eqclistSummarizing a List of Estimated Direct Equating Coefficients
summary.meqcSummarizing Bisector Equating Coefficients
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