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The inner wrapper function wrapper_HMM_stat_undir_Dens() is an estimation framework for binary static undirected network based on variational Expectation-Maximization algorithm.


wrapper_HMM_stat_undir_Dens(adjmat, K, thresh, iter.max, theta_init)



Array of the network adjacency matrices.


Number of clusers for which the estimation must be performed.


Convergence threshold for estimation, the default being 1e-6.


The maximum number of iterations after which the algorithm is terminated. The default value is set as 200.


The initial value of the density, stability, transitivity parameters for which clustering is desired, the default being 1e-1.


Returns a list of ergmclust object. Each object of class ergmclust is a list with the following components:

Converged Parameters

The first elements of the list in sequential order are gamma, alpha, pi, tau, theta for dynamic networks. For static networks, there is no pi or tau.

Estimated Cluster IDs

The second element of the list is a vector (matrix) of estimated cluster memberships for a static (dynamic) case. This is absent for all K=1 cases.

ICL Values

The third element of the list is the Integrated Classification Likelihood value that can be used for model selection, i.e. selecting the appropriate number of clusters.

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