erpR: Event-related potentials (ERP) analysis, graphics and utility functions

This package is dedicated to the analysis of event-related potentials (ERPs). Event-related potentials are the measured brain responses associated with a specific sensory, cognitive, or motor event and are obtained from electroencephalographic (EEG) signal. The erpR package contains a series of functions for importing ERP data, computing traditional ERP measures, exploratory ERP analyses and plotting.

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AuthorGiorgio Arcara, Anna Petrova
Date of publication2014-05-14 11:59:08
MaintainerGiorgio Arcara<>

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Man pages

butterfly: ERP butterfly plot

char2fac: convert characters to factors

check.erplist: check consistency of an erplist

cn: display column names

create.diff: create an ERP data frame with differential values

create.mean: create ERP data frames with mean values from a series of data...

create.roi: create electrode region of interests

erp: plot an ERP waveform

erp.add: add an ERP waveform to a plot

erp.cor: plot the timepoint correlations between ERPs (single...

erp.infl: inspect the influence of a subject on the average (single...

erp.latency: calculate latency of several ERP data frames on a given time...

erp.mean: Calculate the mean of several ERP data frames in a given time...

erp.peak: calculate the peak of several ERP data frames in a given time...

erpR-package: erpR package

ERPsets: list of ERP data frames

erp.t: plot t-test comparisons at all timepoints between two sets of...

erp.xaxis: Draw an erp x axis

erp.yaxis: Draw an erp y axis

factorall: Factorize one or more variables in a data frame

grandaverage: calculate the grandaverage of ERP data frames for graphical...

import.erp: import ERP data matrices from ASCII files (file extension...

localmax: calculate a local maximum

localmin: calculate a local minimum

msectopoints: convert points in milliseconds

named.agg: aggregate and keep the original names

pointstomsec: convert points in milliseconds

rearrange: rearrange a data frame from wide to long format

scalp: plot ERP waveforms in a scalp array

scalp.cor: plot the timepoint correlations between ERPs and an external...

scalp.infl: inspect the influence of a subject on an average (scalp...

scalp.t: plot t-test comparisons at all timepoints between two ERP set...

topoplot: plot a topographic map of ERP

topoplot.palette: Add a palette to a plot

tpairs: calculate pairwise t-tests


butterfly Man page
char2fac Man page
check.erplist Man page
cn Man page
create.diff Man page
create.mean Man page
create.roi Man page
erp Man page
erp.add Man page
erp.cor Man page
erp.infl Man page
erp.latency Man page
erp.mean Man page
erp.peak Man page
erpR Man page
erpR-package Man page
ERPsets Man page
erp.t Man page
erp.xaxis Man page
erp.yaxis Man page
factorall Man page
grandaverage Man page
import.erp Man page
localmax Man page
localmin Man page
msectopoints Man page
named.agg Man page
pointstomsec Man page
rearrange Man page
scalp Man page
scalp.cor Man page
scalp.infl Man page
scalp.t Man page
topoplot Man page
topoplot.palette Man page
tpairs Man page

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