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Effect Size Computation for Meta Analysis

combine_escCombine one or more 'esc' objects into a data frame
convert_d2etasqConvert effect size d into Eta Squared
convert_d2fConvert effect size d into f
convert_d2logitConvert effect size d into log odds
convert_d2orConvert effect size d into OR
convert_d2rConvert effect size d into correlation
convert_or2dConvert effect size OR from d
convert_r2zConvert correlation coefficient r into Fisher's z
convert_z2rConvert Fisher's z into correlation coefficient r
effect_sizesGenerate effect size data frame from other data
escEffect Size Computation for Meta Analysis
esc_2x2Compute effect size from 2 by 2 Contingency Table
esc_BCompute effect size from Unstandardized Regression...
esc_betaCompute effect size from Standardized Regression Coefficient
esc_bin_propCompute effect size from binary proportions
esc_chisqCompute effect size from Chi-Square coefficient
esc_fCompute effect size from One-way Anova
esc_mean_gainCompute effect size from Mean Gain Scores and Standard...
esc_mean_sdCompute effect size from Mean and Standard Deviation
esc_mean_seCompute effect size from Mean and Standard Error
esc_phiCompute effect size from Phi coefficient
esc_rpbCompute effect size from Point-Biserial Correlation
esc_tCompute effect size from Student's t-test
hedges_gConvert effect sizes
write_escWrite one or more 'esc' objects into an Excel csv-file
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