Man pages for estimatr
Fast Estimators for Design-Based Inference

alo_star_menReplication data for Lin 2013
commarobustBuild lm_robust object from lm fit
declaration_to_condition_pr_matBuilds condition probability matrices for Horvitz-Thompson...
difference_in_meansDesign-based difference-in-means estimator
estimatr_glancersGlance at an estimatr object
estimatr_tidiersTidy an estimatr object
extract.lm_robustExtract model data for 'texreg' package
gen_pr_matrix_clusterGenerate condition probability matrix given clusters and...
horvitz_thompsonHorvitz-Thompson estimator for two-armed trials
iv_robustTwo-Stage Least Squares Instrumental Variables Regression
lh_robustLinear Hypothesis for Ordinary Least Squares with Robust...
lm_linLinear regression with the Lin (2013) covariate adjustment
lm_robustOrdinary Least Squares with Robust Standard Errors
lm_robust_fitInternal method that creates linear fits logging on na.omit handler
permutations_to_condition_pr_matBuilds condition probability matrices for Horvitz-Thompson...
predict.lm_robustPredict method for 'lm_robust' object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
starprepPrepare model fits for stargazer
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