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Product Search


Returns a list of securities of a specified type (e.g., equity stock) based on a full or partial match of any part of the company name. For instance, a search for "jones" returns a list of securities associated with "Jones Soda Co", "Stella Jones Inc", and many others. The list contains the company name, the exchange that lists the security, the security type, and the symbol, for up to 10 matches. The result may include some unexpected matches, because the search includes more than just the display version of the company name. For instance, searching on "etrade" returns securities for "E TRADE" - notice the space in the name. This API is for searching on the company name, not a security symbol. It's commonly used to look up a symbol based on the company name, e.g., "What is the symbol for Google stock?". To look up company information based on a symbol, or to find detailed information on a security, use the quote API.


  search = "tech",
  access_tokens = NULL,
  etrade_cred = NULL,
  sandbox = FALSE



The search request


Access tokens are created using etrd_auth_access_token. This entry is not required because the output is saved and retrieved from R options automatically.


The output created from etrd_auth_credentials when a valid ETRADE key and secret have been passed. This entry is not required because the output is saved and retrieved from R options automatically.


ETRADE offers a sandbox environment for validating API calls and responses. If using the sandbox environment, this must be set to TRUE in each function called throughout etrader. ETRADE states "Sandbox responses use stored data that's intended to provide typical responses for basic use cases. So the responses you receive will not contain current data, and may not exactly match your requests in other ways." Essentially, the responses will not match the requests entered but successful pull will indicate whether the entry was valid or not.


a Data frame of the search results


## Not run: 

# search for tech firms

## End(Not run)

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