Man pages for eurocordexr
Makes it Easier to Work with Daily 'netCDF' from EURO-CORDEX RCMs

check_inventoryPerform some checks on the inventory
compare_variables_in_inventoryCompare an EURO-CORDEX inventory for different variables
eurocordexreurocordexr: Makes it easier to work with daily netCDF from...
get_inventoryGet inventory from path containing EURO-CORDEX .nc files
get_varnamesGet variable names from netcdf file
map_non_standard_calendarCreate map indices from non-standard calendars
nc_grid_to_dtConvert a netcdf array to long format as data.table
print.eurocordexr_invPrint an inventory
rotpole_nc_point_to_dtExtract time series of a single grid cell of a rot-pole daily...
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