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This dataset was collected from silhouettes by the HIPS (Hierarchical Image Processing System) extension BINATTS Four model vehicles were used for the experiment: bus, Chevrolet van, Saab 9000 and Opel Manta. The data were used to distinguish 3D objects within a 2-D silhouette of the objects. There are 846 instances and 18 numeric attributes. The first 564 objects are training data, the rest are test data. This version of dataset was used by Zouhal and Denoeux (1998).




A list with two elements:


The 846 x 18 object-attribute matrix.


A 846-vector containing the class labels.


P. M. Murphy and D. W. Aha. UCI Reposition of machine learning databases. [Machine readable data repository]. University of California, Departement of Information and Computer Science, Irvine, CA.

L. M. Zouhal and T. Denoeux. An evidence-theoretic k-NN rule with parameter optimization. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part C, 28(2):263–271,1998.



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