Man pages for events
Store and manipulate event data

actorsList actor codes
add_eventscaleApply eventscale to event data
balkans.weisBalkans conflict events in WEIS encoding
cameo.scaleCAMEO codes to conflict-cooperation scale
codesList event codes
eventsStores and manipulates event data
filter_actorsDiscard all but elevant actors
filter_codesDiscard all but relevant event codes
filter_eventdataFilter events data
filter_timeRestrict events to a time period
make_dyadsAggregate events to a regular time interval
make_fun_from_listCreate a mapping function from list
make_scaleMake an event scale
map_actorsAggregate actor codes
map_codesAggregate event codes
one_a_dayApply the one-a-day filter
plot_dyadPlot scaled directed dyad
read_eventdataRead event data files
read_kedsRead KEDS events files
scale_codesShow which events are scaleable
scale_coverageCheck coverage of scale for event data
scoreScore event codes with an event scale
scrub_kedsRemove well-known noise from KEDS event data file
sourcesList source actor codes
spotterMake a spotting function
summary.eventdataSummarise event data
summary.eventscaleSummarise an eventscale
targetsLists target actor codes
weis.goldstein.scaleWEIS codes to Goldstein conflict-cooperation scale
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