Man pages for evolqg
Tools for Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics

AlphaRepAlpha Repetability
BayesianCalculateMatrixCalculate Covariance Matrix from a linear model fitted with...
BootstrapR2R2 confidence intervals by bootstrap resampling
BootstrapRepBootstrap analysis via resampling
BootstrapStatNon-Parametric population samples and statistic comparison
CalcAVGCalculates mean correlations within- and between-modules
CalcEigenVarIntegration measure based on eigenvalue dispersion
CalcICVCalculates the ICV of a covariance matrix.
CalcR2Mean Squared Correlations
CalcR2CvCorrectedCorrected integration value
CalcRepeatabilityParametric per trait Repeatabilities
CalculateMatrixCalculate Covariance Matrix from a linear model fitted with...
ComparisonMapGeneric Comparison Map functions for creating parallel list...
CreateHypotMatrixCreates binary correlation matrices
DeltaZCorrCompare matrices via the correlation between response vectors
dentusExample multivariate data set
dentus.treeTree for dentus example species
DriftTestTest drift hypothesis
EigenTensorDecompositionEigentensor Decomposition
ExtendMatrixControl Inverse matrix noise with Extension
KrzCorCompare matrices via Krzanowski Correlation
KrzProjectionCompare matrices via Modified Krzanowski Correlation
KrzSubspaceKrzanowski common subspaces analysis
LModularityL Modularity
MantelCorCompare matrices via Mantel Correlation
MantelModTestTest single modularity hypothesis using Mantel correlation
MatrixCompareMatrix Compare
MatrixDistanceMatrix distance
MeanMatrixMean Covariance Matrix
MeanMatrixStatisticsCalculate mean values for various matrix statistics
MINTModularity and integration analysis tool
MonteCarloR2R2 confidence intervals by parametric sampling
MonteCarloRepParametric repeatabilities with covariance or correlation...
MonteCarloStatParametric population samples with covariance or correlation...
MultiMahalanobisCalculate Mahalonabis distance for many vectors
MultivDriftTestMultivariate genetic drift test for 2 populations
NormalizeNormalize and Norm
OverlapDistDistribution overlap distance
Partition2HypotMatrixCreate binary hypothesis
PCAsimilarityCompare matrices using PCA similarity factor
PCScoreCorrelationPC Score Correlation Test
PhyloCompareCompares sister groups
PhyloMantelMantel test with phylogenetic permutations
PhyloWCalculates ancestral states of some statistic
PlotRarefactionPlot Rarefaction analysis
PlotTreeDriftTestPlot results from TreeDriftTest
PrintMatrixPrint Matrix to file
ProjectMatrixProject Covariance Matrix
RandCorrRandom correlation matrix
RandomMatrixRandom matrices for tests
RandomSkewersCompare matrices via RandomSkewers
RarefactionRarefaction analysis via ressampling
RarefactionStatNon-Parametric rarefacted population samples and statistic...
ratonesLinear distances for five mouse lines
RelativeEigenanalysisRelative Eigenanalysis
RemoveSizeRemove Size Variation
RevertMatrixRevert Matrix
RiemannDistMatrix Riemann distance
RSProjectionRandom Skewers projection
SingleComparisonMapGeneric Single Comparison Map functions for creating parallel...
SRDCompare matrices via Selection Response Decomposition
TestModularityTest modularity hypothesis
TreeDriftTestDrift test along phylogeny
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