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Convenient Data Exchange with Microsoft Excel

current.graphicsAuxiliary function for export graphics to Microsoft Excel convenient data exchange with Microsoft Excel
RDCOMClientFunctions from RDCOMClient package
xlData exchange with running Microsoft Excel instance.
xl.bind.rangeActive bindings to Excel ranges
xl.connect.tableLive connection with data on Microsoft Excel sheet
xl.current.regionRead/write from/to Excel current region.
xl.get.excelReturns reference to Excel application.
xl.index2addressConverts Excel address to indexes and vice versa.
xl.propertyExcel constants and helper function for setting Excel range... for saving and reading data to/from Excel file.
xl.sheet.addBasic operations with worksheets.
xl.workbook.addBasic operations with Excel workbooks
xl.writeMethods for writing data to Excel sheet documentation built on May 1, 2019, 7:12 p.m.