Man pages for excessmort
Excess Mortality

approx_demographicsInterpolate demographic data
cdc_state_countsWeekly death counts for each USA state
collapse_age_distCallapse age groups into broader ones
compute_countsCompute counts
compute_expectedCompute expected counts for each day
cook_recordsCook County Medical Examiner Records
excess_cumulativeCompute cumulative excess deaths
excess_modelFit excess count model
excess_plotPlot results from fitted excess count model
excess_statsExcess counts in an interval
expected_diagnosticDiagnostic Plots for Model Fit
expected_plotPlot Expected Counts
fit_arFit an ar model to residuals from expected counts
get_demographicsGet demographic data from Census
group_ageAssign age to group
louisiana_countsLouisiana daily mortality
new_jersey_countsNew Jersey daily mortality
noleap_ydayCompute year of the day ingoring Feb 29
puerto_rico_countsPuerto Rico daily mortality
puerto_rico_icdPuerto Rico daily mortality by cause of death
world_countsWeekly death counts for several countries
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