expp: Spatial analysis of extra-pair paternity

Tools and data to accompany Schlicht, Valcu and Kempenaers "Spatial patterns of extra-pair paternity: beyond paternity gains and losses"

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AuthorMihai Valcu, Lotte Schlicht
Date of publication2014-08-05 09:12:20
MaintainerMihai Valcu <valcu@orn.mpg.de>

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as.data.frame Man page
as.data.frame,epp-method Man page
barplot Man page
barplot,epp-method Man page
bluetit_boundary Man page
bluetit_breeding Man page
bluetit_epp Man page
DirichletPolygons Man page
DirichletPolygons-methods Man page
DirichletPolygons,SpatialPointsBreeding,integer-method Man page
DirichletPolygons,SpatialPointsBreeding,missing-method Man page
DirichletPolygons,SpatialPointsBreeding,SpatialPolygons-method Man page
epp Man page
epp-class Man page
eppMatrix Man page
eppMatrix-class Man page
eppSimDat Man page
expp Man page
expp-package Man page
higherNeighborsDataFrame Man page
neighborsDataFrame Man page
plot.epp Man page
plot,epp,missing-method Man page
plot.SpatialPointsBreeding Man page
plot,SpatialPointsBreeding,eppMatrix-method Man page
plot,SpatialPointsBreeding,missing-method Man page
SpatialPointsBreeding Man page
SpatialPointsBreeding-class Man page
SpatialPointsBreeding,integer-method Man page
SpatialPointsBreeding,missing-method Man page
SpatialPointsBreeding,SpatialPolygons-method Man page

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