fill_na: Fill Missing Values

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Fill Missing Values


Fills all of an object's missing values while preserving the object's dimensionality and class.


fill_na(x, value, ...)

## S3 method for class 'logical'
fill_na(x, value = FALSE, ...)

## S3 method for class 'integer'
fill_na(x, value = 0L, ...)

## S3 method for class 'numeric'
fill_na(x, value = 0, ...)

## S3 method for class 'character'
fill_na(x, value = "0", ...)



An object.


A scalar of the value to replace values with.


Other arguments passed to methods.


It should only be defined for objects with values of consistent class ie not standard data.frames.


The modified object.

Methods (by class)

  • logical: Fill Missing Values for logical Objects

  • integer: Fill Missing Values for integer Objects

  • numeric: Fill Missing Values for numeric Objects

  • character: Fill Missing Values for character Objects

See Also

Other fill: fill_all()


# logical
fill_na(c(TRUE, NA))

# integer
fill_na(c(1L, NA), 0)

# numeric
fill_na(c(1, NA), Inf)

# character
fill_na(c("text", NA))
fill_na(matrix(c("text", NA)), value = Inf)

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