Man pages for extremeStat
Extreme Value Statistics and Quantile Estimation

annMaxannual discharge maxima (streamflow)
distLexBootBootstrapping uncertainty intervals for return periods
distLextremeExtreme value stats
distLfitFit distributions via L-moments
distLquantiledistribution quantiles
distLweightsCompute distribution weights from GOF
extremeStatExtreme value statistics on a linear scale
plotLexBootBootstrapping uncertainty intervals for return periods
plotLextremePlot extreme value statistics
plotLfitPlot distributions fitted with L-moments
plotLquantilePlot quantiles of distributions fitted with L-moments
plotLweightsDistribution rank comparison
printLprint dlf objects
q_gpdGPD quantile of sample
quantGPDFast GPD quantile estimate
q_weightedCompute weighted averages of quantile estimates
weightpdistribution weights
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