Man pages for eye
Analysis of Eye Data

blinkYour data in a blink of an eye
clean_vaCleaning up Visual acuity entries
convertQualiconvert quali entries
count_eyesinternal count
eye_codesList of codes
eyesCount patients and eyes
eyes_to_stringEye count to strings
getElemFind element based or strings
hyperopHyperopic eye data
introduceNAintroduce NA for implausible VA entries
myopMyopic eye data
parse_snellenparsing snellen fractions to numeric values
pipePipe operator
plausibility_methodsPlausibility checking
print_methodsprint eye classes
recodeyeRecode eyes
remColsRemove cols from selected cols
reveal_methodsreveals little helper
reveal_splitreveals little helper
set_eye_stringsSet list of codes
snellen_stepsConvert plus minus entries
sort_substrsort substrings
split_multsplit columns in multiple by regex
str_searchString search helper
tidyNATidy NA entries to actual NA values
tocapitalCapitalize words
vaVisual acuity notation conversion
VAclassesVA classes
va_methodsVA conversion methods
va_mixedVA classes
VAwrapperVA conversion wrapper
warningsrecode warnings
which_vaGuessing the VA class
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