Man pages for eyetrackingR
Eye-Tracking Data Analysis

add_aoiAdd an area-of-interest to your dataset, based on x-y...
analyze_boot_splinesEstimate confidence intervals for bootstrapped splines data
analyze_time_clustersBootstrap analysis of time-clusters.
clean_by_tracklossClean data by removing high-trackloss trials/subjects.
describe_dataDescribe dataset
eyetrackingReyetrackingR: A package for cleaning, analyzing, and...
get_time_clustersGet information about the clusters in a cluster-analysis
make_boot_splines_dataBootstrap resample splines for time-series data.
make_eyetrackingr_dataConvert raw data for use in eyetrackingR
make_onset_dataMake onset-contingent data.
make_switch_dataSummarize data into time-to-switch from initial AOI.
make_time_cluster_dataMake data for cluster analysis.
make_time_window_dataMake a dataset collapsing over a time-window
plot.bin_analysisPlot test-statistic for each time-bin in a time-series
plot.boot_splines_analysisPlot differences in bootstrapped-splines data
plot.boot_splines_dataPlot bootstrapped-splines data
plot.cluster_analysisVisualize the results of a cluster analysis.
plot.eyetrackingR_data_summaryPlot some summarized data from eyetrackingR
plot.onset_dataPlot onset-contingent data
plot.switch_dataPlot mean switch-from-initial-AOI times.
plot.time_cluster_dataPlot test-statistic for each time-bin in a time-series,...
plot.time_sequence_dataPlot time-sequence data
plot.time_window_dataPlot a time-window dataset
print.cluster_analysisPrint Method for Cluster Analysis
reclassAdd the original class/attributes back onto result (usually...
simulate_eyetrackingr_dataSimulate an eyetrackingR dataset
subset_by_windowExtract a subset of the dataset within a time-window in each...
summary.bin_analysisSummary Method for Time-bin Analysis
summary.boot_splines_analysisSummary Method for Bootstrapped Splines Analysis
summary.cluster_analysisSummary Method for Cluster Analysis
summary.time_cluster_dataSummary Method for Cluster Analysis
trackloss_analysisAnalyze trackloss.
word_recognitionData collected in an infant eyetracking study
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