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The final step of an analysis is to export the tables generated through analytical scripts to the desired platform, such as a pdf, a rmarkdown document or even a Shiny page. Sometimes, a lot of people wants to reorganize the data in a more human readable format. For example, people like to put the standard deviation inside a pair of parentheses after the mean. People also like to put the low and high ends of confidence interval inside a pair of parenthese, separated by " ~ ", after the estimated average. However, as far as I know, so far there isn't a straight forward function to deal with this need. This function is built to address this issue.


ezmarkup(tbl, pattern)



The input table


The grouping pattern. Each dot "." represent one column. If two or more columns need to be combined in some certain formats, they should be put together inside a pair of brackets "[ ]". You can add any special characters, such as "(" and "~", inside the pair of brackets but please don't leave those special characters outside the brackets. If you want to add a dot as a special character. Please use "^.^" for every single dot you would like to add.


dt <- mtcars %>% group_by(cyl) %>% select(gear, carb) %>% ezsummary_categorical(n=TRUE)

ezmarkup(dt, "...[.(.)]")
ezmarkup(dt, "..[. (. ~ .)]")

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