Man pages for fAssets
Rmetrics - Analysing and Modelling Financial Assets

00fAssets-packageAnalysing and Modelling Financial Assets
assets-arrangeRearranging Assets Columnwise
assets-distanceDistance Measures
assets-lpmComputation of Lower Partial Moments of Asset Sets
assets-meancovEstimation of Mean and Covariances of Asset Sets
assets-modelingModeling Multivariate Asset Sets
assets-outliersDetection of Outliers in Asset Sets
assets-selectionSelecting Assets from Multivariate Asset Sets
assets-testingTesting Normality of Multivariate Asset Sets
plot-binningBivariate Histogram Plots of Assets
plot-boxplotDisplays a Box Plot of Assets
plot-ellipsesDisplays a Covariance Ellipses Plot
plot-histHistogram Plots of Assets
plot-mstAssets Tree Plot
plot-pairsAssets Pairs Plot
plot-qqplotNormal Quantile-Quantile Plots
plot-riskAssets Risk Plots
plot-seriesDisplays Series Plots of Assets.
plot-similarityAssets Similarity Plots
plot-starsStars Plots of Assets.
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