Man pages for factorial2x2
Design and Analysis of a 2x2 Factorial Trial

cor2x2Hazard ratios and correlations for the 2x2 statistics
crit2x2Critical values for the Equal Allocation 3, Proportional...
eventProbCalculate event probabilities
fac2x2analyzeSignificance testing for the Proportional Allocation 2, Equal...
fac2x2designPower for the Equal Allocation 3, Proportional Allocation 2,...
lgrkPowerUnstratified (ordinary) logrank power
powerEA2Power of the Equal Allocation 2 procedure
powerEA3Power of the Equal Allocation 3 procedure
powerPA2Power of the Proportional Allocation 2 procedure
roundDownRound down a negative number
simdatSimulated 2x2 factorial trial data
simdataSimulated 2x2 factorial trial data
simdataSubSimulated 2x2 factorial trial data
strLgrkPowerStratified (overall) logrank power
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