Man pages for fakemake
Mock the Unix Make Utility

check_archiveCheck a Package Archive
check_archive_as_cranA Convenience Wrapper to 'check_archive'
fakemake-packageMock the Unix Make Utility
get_pkg_archive_pathGet a Package's Archive Path From the Package's DESCRIPTION
makeMock the Unix Make Utility
provide_make_listLoad an Example 'Makelist' Provided by 'fakemake'.
read_makefileRead a 'Makefile' Into a 'Makelist'
sink_allDivert Message And Output Stream to File
throwThrow a Condition
touchMock the Unix 'touch' utility
visualizeParse a 'Makelist', Convert it Into an 'Igraph' and Plot it
write_makefileWrite a 'Makelist' to File
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