Man pages for far
Modelization for Functional AutoRegressive Processes

BaseK2BaseCChanging Basis
base.simul.farCreating functional basis
coef.farExtract Model Coefficients
date.fdataExtract the date of fdata
fapplyApply functions over a fdata object
farFARX(1) model estimation
far.cvCross Validation for FARX(1) model
fdataFunctional Data class
interpol.matrixInterpolation matrix
invgenGeneralized inverse of a Matrix Available / "Missing" Values
kerfonFunctional Kernel estimation
maxfdataMaxima of functional data
multplotMultivariate plots
orthonormalizationOrthonormalization of a set of a matrix
plot.fdataPlot Functional Data
predict.farForecasting of FARX(1) model
predict.kerfonForecasting of functional kernel model
pred.persistForecasting using functional persistence
select.fdataSubscript of fdata
simul.farFAR(1) process simulation
simul.far.sdeFAR-SDE process simulation
simul.far.wienerFAR(1) process simulation with Wiener noise
simul.farxFARX(1) process simulation
simul.wienerWiener process simulation
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