fbRads: Analyzing and Managing Facebook Ads from R

Wrapper functions around the Facebook Marketing 'API' to create, read, update and delete custom audiences, images, campaigns, ad sets, ads and related content.

AuthorAjaykumar Gopal <ajay@card.com>, Gergely Daroczi <gergely.daroczi@card.com>
Date of publication2016-04-06 01:20:49
MaintainerGergely Daroczi <gergely.daroczi@card.com>

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Man pages

fbad_add_audience: Add people to a custom FB audience

fbad_check_curl_params: Run basic checks on curl get/post parameters

fbad_check_fbacc: Check if provided or previously initialized R object is a...

fbad_create_ad: Create ad

fbad_create_adset: Create Ad Set

fbad_create_audience: Create a new FB custom audience

fbad_create_campaign: Created Ad Campaign

fbad_create_creative: Create an ad creative

fbad_create_image: Upload image

fbad_create_lookalike_audience: Create a new FB lookalike audience similar to an already...

fbad_delete_audience: Delete a FB custom audience

fbad_get_adaccount_details: Get details for a Facebook Ads Account

fbad_get_search: FB Search API Querying

fbad_init: Initiate Facebook Account with OAuth token

fbad_insights_get_async_results: Wait for and get asynchronous report results

fbad_list_ad: List all Ads for current account, list of Ad Sets or...

fbad_list_adset: List all Ad Sets for current account or Ad Campaign(s)

fbad_list_campaign: List all Ad Campaigns for current account

fbad_reachestimate: Query for reach estimate for given targeting spec

fbad_read_ad: Read ad details

fbad_read_adset: Read Ad Set details

fbad_read_audience: Read metadata on a FB custom audience

fbad_read_campaign: Read Ad Campaign details

fbad_read_creative: Read ad creative

fbad_remove_audience: Add people from a custom FB audience

fbad_request: Get results of a synchronous query from FB graph API

fbad_share_audience: Share a FB custom audience with other accounts

fbad_update_ad: Update ad

fbad_update_adset: Update Ad Set

fbad_update_campaign: Update Ad Campaign

fb_api_most_recent_version: Returns the most recent version of the supported Facebook...

fb_api_version: Returns the currently used version of the Facebook Marketing...

fb_insights: Insights

fbRads: fbRads package

fb_reportstats_ad: Get Ad Report Stats

fb_stats_ad: Get Ad Stats

print.FB_Ad_Account: Print method for custom fbRads class

this_function_name: Return the name of the parent function


fbad_add_audience Man page
fbad_check_curl_params Man page
fbad_check_fbacc Man page
fbad_create_ad Man page
fbad_create_adset Man page
fbad_create_audience Man page
fbad_create_campaign Man page
fbad_create_creative Man page
fbad_create_image Man page
fbad_create_lookalike_audience Man page
fbad_delete_audience Man page
fbad_get_adaccount_details Man page
fbad_get_search Man page
fbad_init Man page
fbad_insights_get_async_results Man page
fbad_list_ad Man page
fbad_list_adset Man page
fbad_list_campaign Man page
fbad_reachestimate Man page
fbad_read_ad Man page
fbad_read_adset Man page
fbad_read_audience Man page
fbad_read_campaign Man page
fbad_read_creative Man page
fbad_remove_audience Man page
fbad_request Man page
fbad_share_audience Man page
fbad_update_ad Man page
fbad_update_adset Man page
fbad_update_campaign Man page
fb_api_most_recent_version Man page
fb_api_version Man page
fb_insights Man page
fbRads Man page
fbRads-package Man page
fb_reportstats_ad Man page
fb_stats_ad Man page
print.FB_Ad_Account Man page
this_function_name Man page


fbRads/R/fb_image.R fbRads/R/helpers.R fbRads/R/fb_ad.R fbRads/R/fb_insights.R fbRads/R/fb_reachestimate.R fbRads/R/fb_audience.R fbRads/R/fb_reports.R fbRads/R/fb_init.R fbRads/R/fb_adset.R fbRads/R/fb_creative.R fbRads/R/fb_search.R fbRads/R/fb_campaign.R fbRads/R/zzz.R
fbRads/man/fbad_get_search.Rd fbRads/man/print.FB_Ad_Account.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_create_lookalike_audience.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_create_audience.Rd fbRads/man/this_function_name.Rd fbRads/man/fb_api_most_recent_version.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_read_campaign.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_list_adset.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_check_curl_params.Rd fbRads/man/fb_insights.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_create_creative.Rd fbRads/man/fb_stats_ad.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_read_creative.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_add_audience.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_create_image.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_request.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_create_campaign.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_delete_audience.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_reachestimate.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_init.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_create_ad.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_remove_audience.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_insights_get_async_results.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_create_adset.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_update_ad.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_share_audience.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_get_adaccount_details.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_read_adset.Rd fbRads/man/fb_api_version.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_read_audience.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_list_campaign.Rd fbRads/man/fbRads.Rd fbRads/man/fb_reportstats_ad.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_update_campaign.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_read_ad.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_check_fbacc.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_list_ad.Rd fbRads/man/fbad_update_adset.Rd

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