Man pages for fgeo.plot
Plot ForestGEO Data

autoplot_by_speciesGeneric function to create a list of autoplots by species.
autoplot_by_species.sp_elevList plots of species distribution and topography (good for...
autoplot.fgeo_habitatPlot habitats.
autoplot.sp_elevPlot species distribution and/or topography.
elevAllow autoplotting the column 'elev'.
fgeo.plot-packagefgeo.plot: Plot ForestGEO Data
header_dbh_bubblesPre-made headers.
headersPre-made headers.
header_tag_statusPre-made headers.
pipePipe operator
plot_dbh_bubbles_by_quadratList dbh bubble-plots by quadrat (good for .pdf output).
plot_tag_status_by_subquadratList plots of tree-tag status by subquadrat (good for .pdf...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
spAllow autoplotting the column 'sp'.
sp_elevAllow autoplotting the columns 'sp' and 'elev'.
suffix_matchSuffix a strings where a vector exactly matches one specific...
theme_dbh_bubblesTheme for 'theme_dbh_bubbles()'.
theme_defaultDefault plot theme.
theme_tag_statusTheme for 'plot_base_census()'.
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