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fiery: A Lightweight and Flexible Web Framework



A very flexible framework for building server side logic in R. The framework is unopinionated when it comes to how HTTP requests and WebSocket messages are handled and supports all levels of app complexity; from serving static content to full-blown dynamic web-apps. Fiery does not hold your hand as much as e.g. the shiny package does, but instead sets you free to create your web app the way you want.


fiery is a lightweight and flexible framework for web servers build on top of the httpuv package. The framework is largely event-based, letting the developer attach handlers to life-cycle events as well as defining and triggering their own events. This approach to development is common in JavaScript, but might feel foreign to R developers. Thankfully it is a rather simple concept that should be easy to gradually begin to use to greater and greater effect.


Maintainer: Thomas Lin Pedersen (ORCID)

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