Defines functions fill_missing_strict

Documented in fill_missing_strict

#' Fill missing strict
#' Fill all missing values in a vector with the same value if it is known. Only
#' fills the value when all known values are the same
#' @param x The vector to fill
#' @param min_known_n numeric value: the minimum number of not-missing values
#' @param min_known_p numeric value between 0 and 1: the minimum fraction of not-missing values
#' @return a filled vector
#' @export
#' @examples
#' fill_missing_strict(c(NA, 1))
fill_missing_strict <- function(x, min_known_n = NULL, min_known_p = NULL) {
    fill_missing(x, min_known_n, min_known_p, type = "strict")

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