fisheyeR: Fisheye and Hyperbolic-space-alike Interactive Visualization Tools in R

fisheyeR provides tools for creating Interactive Data Visualizations by implementing ideas from Furnas, Munzner, Costa and Venturini.

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AuthorEduardo San Miguel Martin
Date of publication2010-01-28 07:49:41
MaintainerEduardo San Miguel Martin <>

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addNoise Man page
centrarSalida Man page
circulin Man page
circulo Man page
fisheyeR Man page
fisheyeR-package Man page
fishIin Man page
fishIout Man page
H1WavoidCluttering Man page
HeavyWavoidCluttering Man page
mPOIAnd-class Man page
mPOIOr-class Man page
multiPOI-class Man page
plotPOI Man page
plotPOIGraph Man page
POICalc Man page
POICalc-methods Man page
POICalc,POI-method Man page
POIcalculate<- Man page
POIcalculate<--methods Man page
POIcalculate<-,multiPOI-method Man page
POIcalculate<-,POI-method Man page
POI-class Man page
POIcolors<--methods Man page
POIcolors<-,POI-method Man page
POIcoords<- Man page
POIcoords<--methods Man page
POIcoords<-,POI-method Man page
POICreate Man page
POIGraph-class Man page
POIPlot Man page
POIPlot-methods Man page
POIPlot,multiPOI-method Man page
POIPlot,POIGraph-method Man page
POIPlot,POI-method Man page
puntosMedios Man page
query2Cols Man page
query2Cols-methods Man page
query2Cols,POI-method Man page
toCartesian Man page
toHiperbolico Man page
toPolar Man page

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