Man pages for fitcoach
Personalized Coach for Fitbit and R API

augmentDataAugments the Master data.frame with additional information
augmentIntraDataAugments the intra day data.frame with additional information
buildChartDayBuild Day timeseries Chart
buildChartIntraBuild Intraday Chart
connectToAPIConnects to Fibit API
createDependentVariableFrameCreates a data.frame with only goal variables
createGoalVariableVectorCreates a vector of goal variables
createIntraFrameCreates the intraday Frame
createTsMasterFrameCreates the Master data.frame from Timeseries JSON files.
DataLoaderR6 class for Loading Fitbit data
fetchIntraResourceDataLoads the JSON files for intraday data and returns a...
FitAnalyzerR6 class for Analyzing Fitbit Data
getAPIScopeGet API scope
getDailyResourcePathListReturns a list of Fitbit Daily activities
getIntradayResourcePathListReturns a list of Fitbit Intraday activities
makeAPIRequestMake API Request
markValidRowsIncorporates rules for marking if the data entry in...
properCaseProper Case
writeToJSONWrite to JSON
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