Man pages for flair
Highlight, Annotate, and Format your R Source Code

code_from_editorConverts raw editor text to a string of code
decorateBuilds a 'with_flair' object from either a code chunk or a...
decorate_chunkBuilds a 'with_flair' object from a code chunk
decorate_codeCreates an object of the class 'with_flair'
flairFormats source code
flair_linesAdds decorative formatting (flair) to parts of a string or...
flair_lines.with_flairS3 method for 'with_flair' objects
flair-packageA package for adding flair to your displayed source code.
flair_sublinesHelper for 'flair_lines'
knit_print.with_flairS3 method for knitting a 'with_flair' object
make_sandwichesRecombines "sandwich" elements in proper order
maskBlanks out part of the string
pipePipe operator
prep_sourceHelper for 'knit_print.with_flair'
print.with_flairWhen run interactively, a 'with_flair' object should preview...
scope_and_runRuns code from string, in parent environment
scope_run_printRuns and prints from string, in parent environment
split_sandwichesSeparates a string into sections by delimiter
src_to_listTakes plain text of knitted code and converts it to a list,...
txt_styleWraps text in html or latex code for formatting
with_flairCreate a 'with_flair' object
word_to_blankshelper for mask
wrap_htmlWraps text in html for formatting
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