Man pages for flam
Fits Piecewise Constant Models with Data-Adaptive Knots

flamFit the Fused Lasso Additive Model for a Sequence of Tuning...
flamcvFit the Fused Lasso Additive Model and Do Tuning Parameter...
flamdofCalculate Degrees of Freedom for Fused Lasso Additive Model
flam-packageFit the Fused Lasso Additive Model
plot.flamPlots Function Estimates for Fit of Class "flam"
plot.flamcvPlots Cross-Validation Curve for Object of Class "flamCV"
predict.flamPredicts Observations for a New Covariate Matrix and Fit from...
sim.dataSimulate Data from a Variety of Functional Scenarios
summary.flamSummarizes a Call to 'flam'
summary.flamcvSummarizes a Call to 'flamCV'
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