Man pages for flora
Tools for Interacting with the Brazilian Flora 2020

df2phytaxaPhylomatic format
fixCaseFix the name case of a taxon
floraPackage flora
get_domainsGet the phytogeographic domain of a list of taxa
get_endemismGet the listed endemism for a list of taxa
get_lifeformGet the listed vegetation life forms for a list of taxa
get.synonymsList all synonyms of a given taxa
get.taxaGet plant taxonomical and distribution data
get_vegtypeGet the listed vegetation types for a list of taxa
lower.taxaGet downstream taxa
occurrenceTaxa occurrence
plantsPlant names
remove.authorsRemove the author(s) from a taxon name.
standardize.namesStandardize taxonomic names
suggest.namesSuggest a valid name from a misspelled one
trimTrim a name and remove duplicate tabs and whitespaces
vernacularVernacular name search
web.floraWeb front end
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