Man pages for fma
Data Sets from "Forecasting: Methods and Applications" by Makridakis, Wheelwright & Hyndman (1998)

advertSales and advertising expenditure
advsalesSales volume and advertising expenditure
airpassMonthly Airline Passenger Numbers 1949-1960
autoAttributes of some US and Japanese automobiles
bankMutual savings bank deposits
beerMonthly beer production
bicoalAnnual bituminous coal production
booksSales of paperback and hardcover books
bostonMonthly dollar volume of sales
bricksqQuarterly clay brick production
canadianCanadian unemployment rate
capitalQuarterly capital expenditure and appropriations
cementCement composition and heat data
chickenPrice of chicken
condmilkCondensed milk
copperCopper price
copper1Copper prices
copper2Copper prices
copper3Copper prices
cowtempTemperature of a cow
cpimelConsumer price index
dexterDexterity test and production ratings
djDow-Jones index
doleUnemployment benefits in Australia
dowjonesDow-Jones index
econsumptionElectricity consumption and temperature
eggsPrice of eggs
eknivesSales of electric knives
elcoSales of Elco's laser printers
elecElectricity production
fancySales for a souvenir shop
fma-packageData sets from "Forecasting: methods and applications" by...
frenchIndustry index
housingHousing data
hsalesSales of one-family houses
hsales2Sales of new one-family houses
huronLevel of Lake Huron
ibmIBM sales and profit
ibmcloseClosing IBM stock price
inputInput series
internetNumber of internet users
invent15Inventory demand
jcarsMotor vehicle production
kkongKing Kong data
labourCivilian labour force
lynxAnnual Canadian Lynx trappings 1821-1934
milkMonthly milk production per cow
minkNumber of minks trapped
motelTotal accommodation at hotel, motel and guest house
motionEmployment figures in the motion picture industry
nailNail prices
oilpriceOil prices
olympicMen's 400 m final winning times in each Olympic Games
ozoneOzone depletion and melanoma rates
parisAverage temperature
petrolSales of petroleum and related product
pigsNumber of pigs slaughtered
plasticsSales of plastic product
pollutionShipment of pollution equipment
productCSales of product C
pulppricePulp price and shipments
qelecElectricity production
qsalesSales data
runningRunning times and maximal aerobic capacity
salesSales data
schizoPerceptual speed scores
shampooSales of shampoo
sheepSheep population
shipElectric can opener shipments
strikesNumber of strikes
telephoneTelephone cost
texasgasPrice and consumption of natural gas
ukdeathsTotal deaths and serious injuries
usdeathsAccidental deaths in USA
uselecTotal generation of electricity
ustreasTreasury bill contracts
wagesukReal daily wages
wheatWheat prices
wnWhite noise series
wnoiseWhite noise time series
writingSales of printing and writing paper
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