Man pages for fmcmc
A friendly MCMC framework

append_chainsAppend MCMC chains (objects of class coda::mcmc)
check_initialChecks the initial values of the MCMC
convergence-checkerConvergence Monitoring
cov_recursiveRecursive algorithms for computing variance and mean
fmcmcA friendly MCMC framework
fmcmc-deprecatedDeprecated methods in fmcmc
kernel_adaptAdaptive Metropolis (AM) Transition Kernel
kernel_mirrorMirror Transition Kernels
kernel_newTransition Kernels for MCMC
kernel_normalGaussian Transition Kernel
kernel_ramRobust Adaptive Metropolis (RAM) Transition Kernel
kernel_unifUniform Transition Kernel
lifeexpectLife expectancy in the US (2020)
MCMCMarkov Chain Monte Carlo
mcmc-loopFunctions to interact with the main loop
mcmc-outputInformation about the last 'MCMC' call
new_progress_barProgress bar
plan_update_sequenceParameters' update sequence
reflect_on_boundariesReflective Boundaries
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