Man pages for fmpcloudr
R Access to the 'FMP Cloud' and 'Financial Modeling Prep' API

fmpc_13f_cik_listList of all 13F ciks
fmpc_13f_cik_nameFind name of company by cik
fmpc_13f_cik_searchSearch for 13F ciks
fmpc_13f_data13F data for a set of ciks and dates
fmpc_analyst_outlookPull analyst outlook for one or more securities
fmpc_calendar_eventsDates related to Economic data, IPOs, dividends, earnings,...
fmpc_cots_dataGet COTS data
fmpc_cots_symbolsGet list of COTS symbols
fmpc_cusip_searchUse a cusip to search a company and ticker
fmpc_earning_call_transcriptFull transcript of earnings call
fmpc_economic_eventsList economic events that can be searched
fmpc_economic_resultsEconomic results
fmpc_financial_bs_is_cfGet financial data for one or more tickers
fmpc_financial_dcfvDiscounted Cash Flow Value
fmpc_financial_metricsGet financial metrics for one or more tickers
fmpc_financial_zipGet a list of Financial ZIP file locations
fmpc_get_urlGET Request for specific URL
fmpc_held_by_mfsList of mutual funds that hold a specified symbol
fmpc_holdings_etfPull ETF holdings data
fmpc_market_hoursCurrent day market hours and holidays
fmpc_price_batch_eodPull all EOD pricing data for a specific date
fmpc_price_currentCurrent price
fmpc_price_forexGet all foreign exchange quotes
fmpc_price_full_marketCurrent Price for an Entire Market
fmpc_price_historyHistorical End of Day pricing data for one or more symbols
fmpc_price_history_spldivHistorical EOD pricing, split, and dividend data for one or...
fmpc_price_intradayHistorical End of Day pricing data for one or more symbols
fmpc_rss_secRSS feed of latest submissions to SEC
fmpc_security_delistedDelisted companies
fmpc_security_dividendsHistorical security dividend data
fmpc_security_glaGainers, Losers, and active
fmpc_security_mrktcapPull market capitalization
fmpc_security_newsGet current news
fmpc_security_profilePull profile for a company
fmpc_security_ratingsPull security rating
fmpc_security_screenerStock Screener
fmpc_security_sectorPull daily returns for all sectors
fmpc_security_splitsHistorical security split data
fmpc_security_tech_indicTechnical Indicators
fmpc_set_tokenSet FMP Token for all other functions
fmpc_symbols_availableGet symbols available through FMP Cloud that have a profile
fmpc_symbols_by_marketGet available symbols across markets
fmpc_symbol_searchSearch for symbols or companies
fmpc_symbols_indexCurrent or historical constituents for a specific index
pipePipe operator
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