fmrs: Variable Selection in Finite Mixture of AFT Regression and FMR

Provides parameter estimation as well as variable selection in Finite Mixture of Accelerated Failure Time Regression and Finite Mixture of Regression Models. Furthermore, this package provides Ridge Regression and Elastic Net.

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AuthorFarhad Shokoohi <> Abbas Khalili Masoud Asgharian Shili Lin
Bioconductor views DimensionReduction Regression Survival
Date of publication2016-07-02 03:03:27
MaintainerFarhad Shokoohi <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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BIC Man page
BIC,BIC-method Man page
BIC,fmrsfit-method Man page
coefficients Man page
coefficients,coefficients-method Man page
coefficients,fmrsfit-method Man page
dispersion Man page
dispersion,dispersion-method Man page
dispersion,fmrsfit-method Man page
fitted Man page
fitted,fitted-method Man page
fitted,fmrsfit-method Man page
fmrs Man page
fmrsfit-class Man page
fmrs.gendata Man page
fmrs.gendata,ANY-method Man page
fmrs.gendata-method Man page
fmrs.mle Man page
fmrs.mle,ANY-method Man page
fmrs.mle-method Man page
fmrs-package Man page
fmrstunpar Man page
fmrstunpar-class Man page
fmrs.tunsel Man page
fmrs.tunsel,ANY-method Man page
fmrs.tunsel-method Man page
fmrs.varsel Man page
fmrs.varsel,ANY-method Man page
fmrs.varsel-method Man page
frmsfit Man page
logLik Man page
logLik,fmrsfit-method Man page
logLik,logLik-method Man page
mixProp Man page
mixProp,fmrsfit-method Man page
mixProp,mixProp-method Man page
ncomp Man page
ncomp,fmrsfit-method Man page
ncomp,ncomp-method Man page
ncov Man page
ncov,fmrsfit-method Man page
ncov,ncov-method Man page
nobs Man page
nobs,fmrsfit-method Man page
nobs,nobs-method Man page
residuals Man page
residuals,fmrsfit-method Man page
residuals,residuals-method Man page
show Man page
show,fmrsfit-method Man page
show,fmrstunpar-method Man page
show,show-method Man page
summary Man page
summary,fmrsfit-method Man page
summary,fmrstunpar-method Man page
summary,summary-method Man page
weights Man page
weights,fmrsfit-method Man page
weights,weights-method Man page

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