Man pages for fmtr
Easily Apply Formats to Data a format catalog to a data frame a format to a data frame a formatting list to a data frame
as.fcatGeneric casting method for format catalogs a data frame to a format catalog
as.fcat.fmt_lstConvert a formatting list to a format catalog
as.fcat.listConvert a list to a format catalog
as.fcat.tbl_dfConvert a data frame to a format catalog
as.flistConvert to a formatting list a data frame to a formatting list
as.flist.fcatConvert a format catalog to a formatting list
as.flist.listConvert a list to a formatting list
as.flist.tbl_dfConvert a tibble to a formatting list
as.fmtGeneric casting method for formats
conditionDefine a condition for a user-defined format
descriptionsGet or set descriptions for data frame columns
fapplyApply formatting to a vector
fattrSet formatting attributes
fattr-setSet formatting attributes
fcatCreate a format catalog
fdataFormat a data frame or tibble
flistCreate a formatting list
fmt_cnt_pctFormatted count and percent
fmt_mean_sdFormatted mean and standard deviation
fmt_medianFormatted Median
fmt_nFormatted Count
fmt_quantile_rangeFormatted Quantile Range
fmtrA package for formatting data
fmt_rangeFormatted Range
formatsGet or set formats for a data frame
FormattingStringsFormatting Strings
is.fcatClass test for a format catalog
is.flistIs object a formatting list
is.formatDetermine whether an object is a user-defined format
justificationGet or set justification for data frame columns or set labels for a data frame
labels.fmtExtract labels from a user-defined format
print.fcatPrint a format catalog
print.fmtPrint a format
print.fmt_lstPrint a formatting list
read.fcatRead a format catalog from the file system
valueCreate a user-defined format
widthsGet or set column widths for a data frame
write.fcatWrite a format catalog to the file system
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